translation English to German

What is a good translation?

Translating a text into another language does not mean to translate every single word one after the other nor to let this job be done by a software. To get an accurate translation profound knowledge of the source and target language including its subtleties is fundamental. In addition to an extensive vocabulary, especially the correct choice of words in the specific context is crucial for an accurate translation.

Translating as close to the original as possible and transferring the words and expressions in a way that they will read as if they were written in the target language, in this case German, makes a good translation.

How I can help you

So, if you would like to have English or Dutch text translated into German, or an already translated text to be proofread, I am happy to help.

Rather than to treat the text as a sequence of sentences, I treat it as an entity. I translate it considering the context and the cultural knowledge of the differences of source and target language. Expressions and sayings are adjusted to the background.

With an academic background and many years of experience in working with texts, I am familiar with interpreting the meaning of words and phrases. Having lived for several years in Australia and in the Netherlands, I am very aware of cultural differences regarding the language. Therefore, I will carefully translate your message into German and refine it so that the translated text will read as if it was written in German. To finalize, I will recheck the text twice.

I translate business correspondence, brochures, websites as well as books (e-books, self-publishing) or academic papers. My specialties are: history, humanities, history of art, photography, construction architecture and environment.

Contact and further information

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For information about my past projects, please refer to my portfolio. Information about my background you can find here.