Whether it’s a thesis, academic article or non-fiction book – textaccuracy provides structure and clean language.

How can I be of service?

textaccuracy proofreading German


German text for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

textaccuracy copy-editing German


German text in terms of style, accuracy, suitability, consistency and structure.

textaccuracy translation English to German


English and Dutch text into German including proofreading.

Textaccuracy stands for accurate texts in German which are proofread and translated by a native speaker.

Having a passion for language and its subtleties as well as a profound understanding of the influence of culture on language, I am happy to proofread and copyedit your German texts or translate from English or Dutch into German. You are welcome to contact me about websites, company brochures, press articles, business correspondence, academic research papers, essays, résumés or (e-)books.

I specialize in the following topics: history, art history, art, philosophy, photography, nature and environmental topics.
Please feel free to browse through the pages and see how I can be of service.