An excellently written, concise and clear text forms the basis of every written document to reach the reader. But a clean and tidy design makes a text more readable, gives pleasure to read and connects the reader to the text.

If you are about to publish a book it is very important to format your manuscript correctly for getting it read. Editors generally prefer submissions to be neat and uniform so they can find exactly what they want as easily as possible. Getting manuscript formatting right doesn’t just show professionalism on the author’s part, it also helps the editor to connect to the words themselves.

Many publishing house offer information about manuscript formatting on their website, as do universities, if you are about to publish an academic paper. By taking into account these guidelines, I am happy to help you formatting your manuscript. In doing so I will focus on the following aspects:

  • design of the title page
  • check of the pagination
  • adjustment of the font and font size
  • adjustment of the headlines on different levels
  • numbering of the chapters, tables, figures etc.
  • adjustment of paragraphs
  • adjustment of the margins
  • formatting of the header (chapter heading and number)
  • formatting of the footer (pagination, footnotes)
  • check of internal links
  • compilation of table of contents
  • consistent use of white-space
  • correct use of quotes

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I offer this service for German, English and Dutch texts.