Professional background

I am a historian holding a doctorate, I am a trained philologist and freelance editor. I have profound knowledge of the following languages: German (mother tongue), English (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English), Dutch as well as Italian and French. Due to my education, professional development and my passion for languages I have gained extensive experience in handling different kinds of text for many years. I am competent in working with words, idioms and expressions.

After finishing my studies and research activities at the University of Munich I worked for a historical online service and acquired practical knowledge in the public relation sector. I lived a few years in Australia where I worked for a non-profit organization. Later, I lived and worked in the Netherlands as a freelance translator and copy-editor.


I have a great passion for languages, books, art, history and photography. I am fascinated by the boundless means of expressions, the subtleties of a language and the phrases and idioms mirroring the culture of a country or a region. I enjoy polishing up a text until I have found the right expression matching the text and message.

The fascination for historical subjects and cultural developments never left me and I am most happy when I can immerse myself in books about history. I combine my passion about art and photography with volunteering to translate articles of the DailyArt App and envatotuts+ tutorials about photography. For further information about these projects please refer to my portfolio.