Get in contact

If you would like me to correct, copyedit or translate a text, please get in contact with me and send me the document. You can use either e-mail or the contact form. If you have a longer text that you don’t want to send completely, please attach two pages so that I can get an impression of it.

What I need from you is the following information:

  • type of requested service (proofreading, copyediting, translation)
  • length of the text
  • date of delivery
  • required format (Word, pdf, text)
  • In case of proofreading or copyediting would you like a completely revised copy or one using the standard ‘track changes’ tool available in Word to identify the changes that have been made?

Based on the length and the terminology you will receive a quote without obligation.

Proofreading, copyediting or translation

After receiving your document I will revise it closely several times to make sure that all mistakes will be rectified and that the text reads fluently. With great attention to detail and service I will adapt your document based on your needs and will deliver them on time as a matter of course.

If your document contains several technical terms, I will research the terms but I also may get in contact with you to discuss them to be able to set up a proper text with the terminology you are used to.

Your benefits:

  • German native speaker
  • More than 15 years of experience in working with words, idioms and expressions
  • Profound language skills
  • Awareness of cultural differences mirrored in the language
  • Careful and analytical reading, translating and editing of your texts
  • Only contact person
  • Your documents will be treated in the highest confidence
  • Always on time