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General Terms of contract

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Information on pricing

An individual quotation is prepared for each enquiry, as each translation and proofreading is subject to different requirements.
The following aspects, among others, are taken into account in the calculation:

  • Source language for translations: English can be quoted slightly cheaper than Dutch, as the supply of English translators is very large.
  • Length of the text: Lengthy texts can be quoted more favourably.
  • Delivery date: I charge an express surcharge for urgent translations overnight or over the weekend. This also applies to urgent proofreading.
  • Type of text: If it is a text with many technical terms or a text that requires a lot of research, the cost will be higher than for a simple letter or website text.
  • Creativity: If the text requires a lot of creativity, for example in marketing, I also charge a higher rate.
  • Proofreading or editing? Correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation is cheaper than proofreading, which also checks expression, structure and readability.

Prices for translations are usually charged per word in the source language, sometimes also on an hourly basis. Prices for proofreading and editing are calculated based on standard pages. This comprises 1500 characters including spaces.
Please note that VAT is also charged.
A discount for students is possible. Please indicate this in your enquiry.