copyediting German

Importance of copyediting

Before submitting a business or academic document for distribution or publication it is best to make sure that it is concise and communicates its message in the clearest possible way. It should be well written in terms of its organisation and appearance and it should be free of errors in terms of spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, and usage of language.

Copyediting means to clarify the writing and ensure that the idea of the document is clearly and interestingly presented so that it will be understood by all who read it. It is best for it to be proofread by someone else in the first instance. There is always the possibility that you may miss an error because you are so close to your own work. A copy editor can polish your text to make a much more professional impression and enhance the appeal of your content to your readers. Copyediting can also enhance the impact of your message as well as your reputation and credibility.

This is even more true if the texts are written in a foreign language, e.g. German. In this case copyediting and proofreading by a native speaker is indispensable. He makes sure that the document appears to be written by a German native speaker in the first place.

How I can be of service

As a German native speaker with an academic background and with experience as an online editor I can help you refine your web pages, brochures, newsletters, essays or academic research papers and make sure they are properly revised.

In addition to formal corrections of German text the quality of the document will be enhanced by looking at the:

  • style
  • use of terms
  • structure and outline
  • readability
  • consistency
  • suitability for the targeted readers

I will check your text several times to make it consistent. The changes I make are to enhance the readability and clarity of the text. The content or statement will not be affected.

My specialties are: history, humanities, history of art, photography, construction architecture and environment.

Contact and further information

Just contact me for a quote without any obligation! Prices for orientation purposes only are given here.

Are you interested in proofreading service covering only grammar, punctuation and spelling? Please find further information here. In addition, I am happy to assist you with the layout of your text. To find further information, please follow this link.