Proofreading German

Importance of proofreading

Have you ever been irritated by carelessly written websites or brochures?

A good text is correct in spelling, grammar and punctuation. It is pleasant to read and leaves a good impression, because the reader can focus on the content.
This is important for all sorts of text: websites, brochures, letters, résumés, essays, research papers or books, but also for short memos or emails.

Because a writer usually is very familiar with his own work, errors can slip into the text easily. Even a good software is not able to detect them all and to produce a linguistically accurate text. A pair of fresh eyes can help by reviewing the text. Proofreading is the final step to complete a written document. Especially, when it is written in a foreign language, proofreading is indispensable.

Have you written a text in German but prefer a native speaker to proofread it? Would you like to publish text in German or send a letter or brochure to a German speaking customer? Would you like to apply for a job in Germany? Are you preparing an academic paper (essay, bachelor or master thesis) in German? Are you in doubt about the commas or whether the spelling is consistent?
I am happy to help.

How I can be of service

My mother tongue is German and thanks to many years of experience in writing, reading and analyzing texts, I will accurately proofread your German text.

My goal as professional proofreader is to eliminate errors of

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • hyphenation

and ensure the consistent use of

  • numbers
  • white space
  • abbreviations

I am happy to assist you and to proofread your business correspondence, website texts, your (e-)books or academic papers taking into account the above mentioned criteria. To finalize, I recheck the proofreading twice to make sure that you receive an accurately proofread text that leaves a positive impression on the reader.

Contact and further information

Just contact me for a quote without any obligation! Prices for orientation purposes only are given here.

Are you interested in a more detailed copy-editing service covering also the style, the usage and the consistency of the text? Please find further information here. If you are interested in assistance with the formatting of the manuscript, please follow this link.